Can I Tell You a Quick Business Story?

Come closer.

Once upon a time, ACME business wanted to get more leads and customers.

They tried Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Press Releases and more without generating a positive return.

Before throwing the towel, they made a good move.

They contacted ParetoHQ.

They did a digital audit and were able to find what was the missing link in ACME’s online strategy.

If your online strategy is not working, be like ACME and contact ParetoHQ.

Every business has it’s own competitive advantage. It’s what makes them different from their competitors.

Even though we follow proven processes to replicate success, we have found that each business has specific bottlenecks. The first goal is to identify those bottlenecks and removing them before doing anything else.

The name Pareto comes from the Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of the results come from 20% de causes. We follow that Methodology. For this reason, we do a few things, but we do them right

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